FLOWER MOUND TOWN HALL - Flower Mound, Texas 

The concept was to develop the facility as an educational tool which would articulate the Town’s development guidelines in a lead by example strategy. 

The north courtyard is designed as a pedestrian scale entry sequence which creates an outdoor room for public use.  Another entry on the south allows access to the facility from the southern lawn and trail connection as well as additional parking for Council meetings. 

Both entry points are visible from a central welcome desk in the Lobby.  This lobby, which serves as additional gathering space for public events, creates a connection between the north courtyard and south patio and lawn.  This connection provides the opportunity to blur the line between interior and exterior gathering space for Residents and Staff.

LEED strategies were implemented to create a sustainable building and site while decreasing operational costs for the Town.


THE DOOR CHURCH - Lewisville, Texas 

The site concept was influenced by the preservation of 18 large oak trees to create an entry walk and prayer garden.  With a large Community Space acting as a connector for the Worship Center and Children’s Area, the floor plan concept was intended to make navigation of the facility intuitive.  Designed to be expandable, the Worship Center can double in size by removing a single wall while keeping the facility fully operational.  The building footprint is also designed to be expanded by implementing additional structural bays to the south to accommodate additional space for the Children’s education areas.  



2017 Texas Recreation and Park Society: Recreation Facility Design Award

This 22,000 square-foot facility features multipurpose rooms, craft rooms, a fitness room, game rooms as well as administrative areas and a full-service kitchen.  Sensitivity to an adjacent residential neighborhood as well as stringent Town design guidelines combined with a limiting site enclosed by extensive setbacks and easements each presented an exciting design challenge.  A clever design solution has maximized the use of the site while creating an intuitive, inviting building for the Town's senior citizens.  Part of the design solution to address the site constraints is a fire lane that doubles as a large patio space for outdoor events. It is located directly outside the multipurpose ballroom for increased usability.  


McLENDON CHISHOLM CITY HALL - McLendon Chisholm, Texas

The concept was to reflect the City’s agrarian history while providing a facility that can expand with the growing population.  Two of the programmatic needs were flexible, expandable space in the Council Chambers, as the citizens are very active in their government, and a Community Room for social functions.  The Community Room serves as expandable space for the Council Chambers and is located such that it could operate after City Hall hours while limiting access to the administrative areas of the building.  A large, shared vestibule and covered patio serves as gathering space after functions and Council meetings.


THE CREEK CHURCH - Fort Worth, Texas

Beginning in a day care facility, the Creek Church has experienced tremendous growth which resulted in the need for a permanent building to better support their functions.  We began by meeting with the core group of decision makers to draft a needs-assessment questionnaire for staff and congregation.  Focusing on questionnaire answers and demographic data, the final needs-assessment report and programming list was generated.  Based on attendance ratios, we began to develop a formula to balance the facility for current needs and future growth.  From there a master plan consisting of two phases was produced which includes a 900 seat worship center, secure children’s area, and youth gathering space, office/administration area, café and classrooms.


MELLOW MUSHROOM - Various Locations

A steadily-growing pizza restaurant franchise, Mellow Mushroom features a different theme for each of its venues. We have worked with Mellow Mushroom for years, around the country, to provide a unique dining experience where each individual franchisee's personality is represented in the design. From rotating cows, to airstream trailers, we work with the artists to generate an environment that is both dynamic, fun and truly unique.


KOINONIA CHURCH - Arlington, Texas

We were honored to be selected to develop a 55,000 square-foot facility that would serve Koinonia's vision. By organizing the new 1,200 seat worship center and children's area around a Iarge Community Space, Koinonia's congregation is able to fellowship between their 3 services while allowing ample room for circulation. A full-size basketball gymnasium is located toward the front of the facility such that the space can be used by the community throughout the week while restricting access to other areas of the facility.